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New Construction & Renos

Building a home from the bottom up is an exciting prospect for any resident. Once the foundation is up, many homeowners start to envision what the final result will look like, until they realize they still have to wire their entire home for electrical systems. That's where we come in; we ensure all electrical components are installed safely and up to code specifications and keep you informed every step of the way so you’re never left in the dark.

Smart Home Integrations

Getting ready to leave in the morning you have a plethora of tasks to perform. You have to remember to turn off the TV, turn off lights in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, and the drapery and blinds need to be drawn to protect your walls, floors, and furniture from the damaging effects of UV rays as well as unwanted heat. If you care about energy savings you may want to adjust your home’s temperature settings while the house is unoccupied.

Recessed Lighting

Pot lighting or recessed lighting is highly desirable in homes today. It adds a look of elegance and can be used to highlight special features of your home. Pot light fixtures are affixed within backdrops, ceilings or crown molding and provide light without directly being seen. Unlike standard light bulbs, recessed lighting bulbs are concealed within the wall or ceiling, this creates a pleasant lighting effect that is subtle and elegant.

Outdoor Lighting

Designing the perfect landscape lighting look is a blend of both art and science. We begin by listening to the client to understand their needs, where and how they entertain, and how much or how little lighting they desire.
A landscape lighting design is generated, a proposal is offered, and typically, another meeting takes place to confirm any changes and finalize all details. We will recommend fixtures best suited for the space, and explain light colors, beam angles, and an intensity level that meets your goals.

Additional Services: service 1, service 2, service 3, etc.

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